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1 Degradation of nitrobenzene-containing wastewater by a microbial-fuel-cellcoupled constructed wetland Xie,Tingyu、Jing, Zhaoqian Microbial fuel cell;Constructed wetland;Nitrobenzene;Electricity generation;Power density SCI 2018-05-09 查看
2 Performance of porous asphalt mixture with various additives Xiang Ma, Qiang Li Porous asphalt mixture,open graded friction course,highviscosity binder,additive,performance tests SCI 2018-04-22 查看
3 Development of shape memory polyurethane based sealant for concrete pavement Dongya Shen, Shuang Shi, Tao Xu Concrete pavement,Sealant,Shape memory polyurethane Titanium dioxide SCI 2018-04-18 查看
4 Shear stress transfer model for evaluating the fracture behavior of SHCCs for RC shear strengthening Yongxing Zhang;Hui Peng;Weihua Lv fibre-reinforced concrete; modelling; shear SCI 2018-03-22 查看
5 Cold recycling of lime-fly ash stabilized macadam mixtures as pavement bases and subbases Qiang Li Lime-fly ash stabilized macadam Cement stabilized cold recy SCI 2018-03-02 查看
6 Parameters estimation of river water quality model using a differential evolution algorithm Hongqin Xue Differential evolution (DE), Parameter estimation SCI 2018-02-22 查看
7 A supervoxel-based vegetation classification via decomposition and modelling of full-waveform airborne laser scanning data DONG CHEN Vegetation classification;airborne laser scanning;full-waveform data;supervoxels; latent Dirichlet allocation SCI 2018-01-30 查看
8 Experimental research on adfreezing strengths at the interface between frozen fine sand and structures S. Quanbin, Y. Ping, and W. Guoliang Frozen fine sand,Residual adfreezing strength,Sand structure interface SCI 2018-01-28 查看
9 Experimental Investigation of Mode-I Fracture Properties of Parallel Strand Bamboo Composite Aiping Zhou Fracture; Fracture toughness; R-curve; Energy release rate SCI 2018-01-22 查看
10 Shear resistance evaluation of strain hardening cementitious composites member Yongxing Zhang Shear fracture behavior;Multi-cracking process;Strain-hardening cementitious composites;Shear Contribution;Matrix contribution;Reinforcing fiber contribution SCI 2018-01-22 查看
11 An analytical solution for double cantilever beam based on elastic?plastic bilinear cohesive law: Analysis for mode I fracture of fibrous composites Dongsheng Huang Cohesive law;Cohesive zone model;R-curve;Fracture process zone;Fibrous composites SCI 2018-01-22 查看
12 Microstructural and mechanical property evolutions of shape memory polyurethane during a thermodynamic cycle Shuang Shi, Dongya Shen, Tao Xu molecular orientation; shape memory effect; shape memory polyurethane; shape recovery; thermodynamic properties SCI 2018-01-22 查看
13 Fatigue resistance investigation of warm-mix recycled asphalt binder, mastic, and fine aggregate matrix Li, Q asphalt ageing;dissipated energy;dynamic shear rheometer,;fatigue resistance; multiscale,; warm-mix recycling SCI 2018-01-10 查看
14 Ultimate bending capacity evaluation of laminated bamboo lumber beams Haitao Li;Deeks A.J. Laminated bamboo;Tangential bending direction;Radial bending direction;Bending moment;Deflection SCI 2018-01-10 查看
15 竹-混凝土组合梁的受弯性能研究 魏洋;周梦倩;纪雪微;端茂军;李国芬 竹;组合结构;混凝土;梁;剪力连接件;受弯性能 EI 2017-12-22 查看
16 基坑机械拆撑振动对邻近历史建筑的影响研究 邵光辉,周年强,赵志峰,樊凤凯 安全工程,基坑施工,拆除施工,振动传递,振动影响,历史建筑 CSCD 2017-12-22 查看
17 Nitrogen and phosphorus removal processes under different aeration strengths in the principal-type tank of alternate multiple tanks system and process control Zheqin Dai;Xiwu Lu ;Zhaoqian Jing Alternated multiple tanks; nitrogen removal; phosphorus removal; aeration strength; real-time control SCI 2017-12-22 查看
18 砂性地层孔隙特征对泥水盾构泥浆成膜的影响 刘成,汤昕怡,高玉峰 泥水盾构,孔隙特征,成膜特征,量化分析 EI 2017-11-22 查看
19 开孔钢板型竹-混凝土连接件荷载-滑移性能 魏洋,李宁, 吴刚,端茂军,李国芬 组合结构; 竹-混凝土; 连接件; 推出试验; 数字图像相关法 (DIC) EI 2017-11-22 查看
20 Improved numerical approach for evaluating the behavior of reinforced concrete members with flexural strengthening using strain hardening cementitious composite Yongxing Zhang Improved numerical approach SCI 2017-10-22 查看

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